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Fiberglass and plastic hot tubs require less maintenance, because of their structure are protected from water leakage, as well as have more variations, you can choose the color, and various accessories.
Wooden hot tubs are made of completely natural materials, so maintenance is required, some water may leak at the beginning of use.

The water must be changed every time you bathe, unless the hot tub has a filtration system or chemicals are used.

The outer wooden parts of the hot tub should be oiled twice a year, preferably before and after winter. The most recommended oil is linseed, but you can also use other oils to oil the wood. The outer wooden parts of the hot tub can also be varnished or painted.

We recommend choosing the size of the hot tub based on how many people plan to be in it at one time. The 1800mm diameter hot tub holds 5-7 people, the 2000m hot tub holds 6-9 people. The 2200mm hot tub holds 9-11 people.

According to the rules, a serviced hot tub lasts for at least 12 years.

Our hot tubs are adapted and suitable for using chemicals, as the stoves are made of 316 ASI stainless steel.

The warm-up time of water depends on many factors, such as outdoor temperature, hot tub size. On average, the water warms up in 2-3 hours.

The hot tubs are ready for use, all systems have European-style electrical connectors, all you need to do is plug them in and you can use them. After purchasing the hot tub with a sand filtration system, it needs to be connected to the connections installed in the hot tub, it is simple to do and does not require special tools or skills. When choosing a hot tub with an electric heater, we recommend that you call a certified electrician to attach the plug to the outgoing power cord.

The electricity consumption is calculated by multiplying the power of the electric heater by the operating time by the following formula: h x (kW) = kWh.
For example: using a 6kW electric heater for 2.5h it would consume 15kWh.

Of course you can, we recommend using the hot tub in the winter, in that way you will have the best experience. However, when used in winter, the hot tub needs proper maintenance. After use, water must be drained from the hot tub, as well as from all systems, hoses to prevent them from freezing.

It is not necessary to build a special base for the construction of the hot tub. The tub must stand on a flat and undeformed surface.

The simplest way to fill the hot tub is using a garden hose to put it inside and let the water in until the tub is filled. We can also install a stainless steel connection with a valve through which you will able to fill the hot tub.

The air massage has 12 jets that blow air and thus create a massage function. The hydro massage has 6 jets taking water from the tub and spraying through jets, thus creating water streams.

We ask 40% of the total amount in advance to start the production of your custom order. As soon as your order is finished, we send detailed photos of your order. Once you receive and inspect the photos, confirm that the product is produced correctly, we ask you to pay the remaining amount. (Other payment methods are available and are discussed with each customer privately). You can pay via Bank transfer or using Wise.

The wood must be dry, dense. Biomass briquettes can also be used. Carbon cannot be used.



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