How to Buy

Wooden hot tubs with stairs

Purchasing process.

Here we will try to explain the whole purchasing process  to make it as simple as possible, and fewer questions would arise.
The customer chooses the model he likes on our website. After that, you can assemble of the selected model step-by-step. Our site is designed to make these processes as simple and clear as possible. You can build your hot tub here: After assembling the product, you can see the final formulation of the order and the price. You don’t have to pay money at this step.
After configuring the hot tub, the order goes to our managers. After reviewing it, the managers contact you, the order is discussed, all issues are resolved, and changes are made if required by the client. An offer is being made.
If the offer is suitable for the customer, then the purchase documents are sent, i.e., is a proforma invoice and a special contract.

If the documents are adequate and the customer has no further comments, advance payment is requested.
The customer must pay a 40% advance on the full amount. There are various ways to make a payment. Wildtubs informs the customer after receiving the payment. The production process of the product begins after receiving the payment. It lasts 2-4 weeks.

At the end of the production process, the product is photographed, and the photos are sent to the customer. After inspecting the photos of the product, the customer evaluates whether everything he has ordered has been done. 

After that we begin to arrange product delivery to the customer. Transport is found, and delivery dates are discussed with the customer. When the delivery dates are compatible, the product is loaded into the appropriate vehicle and the package is delivered to the customer. The remaining payment must be done the day the product arrives.

The customer is responsible for the unloading of the product unless it is agreed upon before ordering the product.

Upon receipt of the product, it is very important that the customer inspects the package, sees whether the package was not damaged during delivery. If damage is observed, it is necessary to fill in the CMR form. Completion of this form will result in compensation or replacement of damaged parts.



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