Purchase and delivery process

1. Product selection: The customer chooses the model he likes on our website: SAUNA or HOT TUBS. After that, you can assemble the selected model step by step.

2. Product configuration: After choosing the product you like and opening the product page, below you will be able to create your own SAUNA or HOT TUBS
The configurator is made that you can assemble the product you want that there is no mistake due to the possibility of not producing in the configuration you have chosen. It doesn’t matter if you don’t choose one or another component after you send us a request, we will review your order and our managers will advise you and provide their opinions, or you can express your additional wishes

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3. Sending the request: After collecting the product, you can see the final wording of the order and the price (the delivery price is calculated individually according to the address provided). You don’t need to pay any money at this stage. ESSENTIAL!!! Be sure to fill in your full delivery address so that we can accurately calculate the shipping cost for you and see which transport we can use to deliver the product to you. It is also very important to indicate a contact phone number, in that case if we do not receive a response from you by e-mail, we will try to contact you by phone. Often our letters may not reach you because they go to the SPAM folder in your e-mail.

4: Request processing: After configuring the SAUNA or HOT TUBS the order goes to our managers. After reviewing it, the managers contact you, the order is discussed, all questions are resolved, and changes are made at the customer’s request.

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5. Order confirmation: If the offer is suitable for the customer, then purchase documents are sent, i.e. is a pre-bill that shows a detailed description of the product. If the client has no further comments, an advance payment is requested. The customer has to pay 40% for the hot tub or 30% for the sauna in advance of the total amount. There are different ways to make the payment. Paypal, direct bank transfer or Wise (payment via paypal is subject to a 4% service fee of the total amount). 

6. Product production: The product production process begins upon receipt of payment. It depends on the product and production load. Usually, a hot tub is made in 3-4 weeks, and a sauna in 4-6 weeks.

At the end of the production process, the product is photographed and the photos are sent to the customer. After viewing the photos of the product, the customer evaluates whether everything he ordered was done.

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7. Delivery: We start arranging transport about 1 week before the end of the production process. The customer is responsible for unloading the product, it is our responsibility to deliver the product to the delivery address client specified. Normally, to unload the hot tub, the customer needs to call 4-5 people for help or hire a forklift or a crane, but when unloading the sauna, you need to hire a forklift or a crane.

We deliver saunas and hot tubs fully assembled, unassembled products are not delivered!!!

After receiving the product, the customer must inspect the package before unloading it from the vehicle, to see if the package was not damaged during delivery. When damage is noticed, it is necessary to mark it on the CMR form. Completing this form will either compensate for the damage or replace the damaged parts.

*Delivery to third countries outside the European Union. As all prices are quoted with 21% VAT, when purchasing from a third party you will be billed with 0% VAT. You will have to pay your country’s VAT + import + customs administrative fee at the time of delivery. Finally, the price will be very close as you can see on our page.



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