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Our products are handmade, of superior quality, and durable.  After-sales service will help you feel safe, even in the event of unforeseen breakdowns.

Our company has been engaged in the production of outdoor hot tubs for 6 years. We have a vast work experience in producing as well as choosing the most appropriate technology and materials.

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Use the WildTubs price calculator to know the price beforehand. Assemble your ideal Hot Tub within our website and send out a request to get a quote.

If you have questions about owning a bespoke wood-burning or electrically powered tub – get in touch with us directly via email info@wildtubs.com.

Custom hot tubs

Each tub is produced to meet the customer’s expectations and needs fully. Before starting production, we consult and help you make the right decision when purchasing your spa.

One of the most relaxing and exciting investments for your house, homestead in the country or for any property whatsoever – a hot tub. We make custom hot tubs for clients all over the globe.

Thanks to a lot of experience in this field, we are able to manufacture custom-made, unique, bespoke, high-quality jacuzzi tubs for maximum comfort. In addition to exquisite design, you can expect top level craftsmanship, post-purchase warranties and a product that meets the highest quality standards in all aspects.

Custom wood-fired
hot tubs – a luxury for you

Comfort is very important. With life nowadays moving super quickly, more emphasis is being put on relaxation and finding environments as well as spaces where people can relax and just have a breather. Let us introduce outdoor custom-built hot tubs. WildTubs is a brand with many years of experience manufacturing bespoke, handmade hot tubs for private and business clients all over Europe and the rest of the world. Thanks to our experience and a refined choice of construction materials, we are able to manufacture long-lasting, elegant and luxurious tubs for our clients. Everything we make is bespoke, meaning that you can pick a fiberglass body with an integrated heater, go with the classic wood design or choose polypropylene for your property. There are numerous other options which allow you to fully customize the product before finalizing the purchase. Once the order is complete, we’ll begin manufacturing it for you.

Wood-fired custom hot tub prices

We manufacture bespoke and individual wood-fired, electrically heated or similar hot tubs. Since WildTubs makes tubs on demand, there isn’t a ready-made set of products for sale. Everything is tailored to the specific needs of the client, hence the price for one tub may be different from another. It all depends on the needs and wants of our clients.

Starting prices of the tubs are

      1,850€ for the Classic Wooden Hot Tub

      2,000€ for a Round Polypropylene Hot Tub

      2,400€ for a Fiberglass Hot Tub with an Exterior Heater  

2,850€ for a Rectangular Polypropylene Hot Tub 

2,900€ for a Fiberglass Hot Tub with an Integrated Heater

But there are a lot of extras which you can apply – e.g. additional heating, covers & paneling, stairs, accessories, SPA features, etc.

Get in touch with us directly if you’re looking for a tub to put in your garden, near your sauna or anywhere else, but maybe you just don’t know where to start.

Custom built wooden jacuzzi for sale – create your own

We allow all customers to fully customize their hot tub within our website. They can adjust almost every single parameter and aspect of their hot tub. Here’s how you can make your own wooden, plastic, fiberglass with exterior or integrated heating.

  •       Fiberglass tub with exterior heater
  •       Fiberglass tub with integrated heater
  •       Polypropylene tub (Rectangular shape)
  •       Polypropylene tub (Round shape
  •       Classic wooden hot tub

The standard size is free. But, at an extra cost, you can increase the size up over 20%.

  •       No heating method – free
  •       Interior stainless-steel heater – extra cost
  •       External stainless-steel heater – extra cost

 Thermowood panels cost a little bit extra. For polypropylene tubs, you can select the interior color for the tub itself and the lid, insulation

Stairs come next. Since everything is bespoke, all tubs come with stairs. Pick either a ladder climb or choose from the more robust types of wooden stairs.

  •       1 or 2 LED lights (tubs with LED cost extra)
  •       Air bubble massage with LED
  •       Hydro massage with LED (only for polypropylene tubs)
  •       Sand filtering system with a big wooden box for storage

Finally, after putting together all of the pieces and items, you will have a detailed quote/summary presented to you. If the offer interests you, feel free to enter your email and phone number, and we’ll get in touch! You can also leave a message to let us know any additional needs and wants. Send the inquiry and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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