Fiberglass Hot Tubs

Wild Tubs is your go-to place for custom and top of the range fiberglass hot tubs. Made-to-order units, manufactured by hand, with experience, utmost precision and from refined materials, utilizing modern-day, state of the art technology. We sell made-to-order hot tubs to clients all over the world. One of our best-sellers is the fiberglass hot tub. It looks like a natural, wood-paneled custom-built item that combines a timeless visual appeal with the benefits of modern-day comfort and technology. Add in all extras which you like, customize it from scratch with an electric heater, unique stairs or preferred heating systems and almost everything in-between. The user-friendly customization tool will guide you through the process step-by-step.

Make the best addition to your outdoor rec area, patio, garden, backyard or any other environment with a custom fiberglass hot tub shell made with first-rate craftsmanship and maximum precision in mind.

Fiberglass Spa/Jacuzzi – a nice addition to your comfort

We can produce two types of the fiberglass home spa – a fiberglass jacuzzi with an external or internal heater. The exterior of the tub is lined with high-quality timber, making it look elegant, classy and luxurious. Inside, a fiberglass hot tub liner completes the whole tub, blending functionality with aesthetics.

Fiberglass has unique physical characteristics that make it a great choice of material for a tub. We hand-pick the materials and craft the tubs individually, meaning that everything we ship is bespoke, unique and can be even one-of-a-kind. Begin configuring your own custom fiberglass hot tub mini-SPA right now!

Hot tubs with a fiberglass liner

You might be wondering as to why fiberglass is a good choice of material. First off, it’s resistant to corrosion and rust. Unlike metal sheets or other materials, fiberglass is resistant to corrosion that usually comes from the high concentration of sodium in the water. It’s also very practical. The fiberglass body has great heat insulation and is very sturdy overall, meaning that the chance of cracking or damage is very little. There is also no risk of splinters and breakoffs, like it can happen with low-quality wooden tubs, causing discomfort or even unpleasant injury.

Maintenance is practically non-existent. If you install a filter, there’s actually very little need for cleaning, washing, etc. Our fiberglass hot tubs will come with its own lid. This is a useful item which can prevent heat from evaporating so quickly, saving you time and money simultaneously. What is more, the higher price is also offset by the amazing added comfort of the lining and the bench. Being in a fiberglass hot tub is more comfortable than lying on top of a wooden bench, for most people.

Wood-fired tubs or units with electric heaters – custom hot tubs

Wild Tubs only manufactures made-to-order units of hot tubs. Our website has a user-friendly, intuitive and easy-to-use configurator tool which allows all users to design their own hot tub from scratch. The round tub with fiberglass hot tub inserts is highly adjustable, meaning that you can add in different technical features, ranging from hydro and/or Air Bubble massage jets, as well as LED lights for ambient lighting.

Make your own little SPA or configure a large fiberglass tub with an external wood-fired heater right now. It’s very easy to do, and we allow almost limitless creative freedom for our customers. Personalize the technical side of things as well as the color of the fiberglass insert. Make the most of all customization options to make the tub genuinely meet your needs and expectations. We can produce them in a few different sizes, being able to accommodate up to 10 people in the larger units.  

Guide on how to order a fiberglass hot tub

Once you open the tub which is most interesting to you, click on the Get Started button to initiate the configuration.

How to know the price of your hot tub?

Please keep in mind that there are HQ pictures as well as a presentational video for all tub models, available for sale today. Read the detailed description to get a clearer understanding about what’s what and to learn more about the specific type of tub.

Once you’ve clicked ‘Get Started’ and initiated the customization process, make sure to leave no stone unturned – meaning that you’ve given thought to each and every option and/or extra feature that was listed. All of them can be extremely efficient in helping you create a relaxing experience, rich in comfort with all the bells and whistles you might expect. Your tub can come with stairs, with LED lights, an electric heater, special water filters, massage jets and much more. Throughout the configuration process, keep your eye on the top part of the screen. A special sliding meter will show the final price of the hot tub, indicating the total cost of the standard tub plus all the extras you’d like to get.

After the configuration is complete, you’ll be able to have a look at the final spec sheet one more time as well as the preliminary quote. If you’re not satisfied with something, feel free to go back and edit your choices or enter your email address and/or phone number to get a callback or message from our staff, in order to polish the details and finalize the order of your fiberglass tub!

More benefits of fiberglass and where to ask questions?

Fiberglass tubs are a bit more expensive than our wooden – classic alternative or polypropylene tubs. But this higher price is definitely a resemblance of added comfort, higher expected durability and many more benefits, which are included in the price. This can be a very energy-efficient solution as the heated tub will stop a lot of heat loss, due to the physical characteristics of fiberglass. Even more so, purchasing both furnace and electric-powered hot tub will allow you the complete freedom of either burning logs to heat up water in the hot tub, use the electrical heating elements for quicker warmth or combine both methods to have the best and most optimal result.

If you have questions about this particular product or our entire product range, feel free to look for information on our FAQ page and, if you can’t find it there, ask us directly over the phone or email!



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