15 Person Hot Tubs

Browse through our product catalogue and design your own ideal 15 person outdoor hot tub from the ground up. Have extra comfort with the ability to fit mauch more guests and/or friends. We have many years of experience in manufacturing bespoke and made-to-order units, with successful refinement of production technology and raw materials. Pick the best hot tub base – oval or rectangular, select the desired size and add in any extras. Make your 15-seater hot tubs a fun place to be. Besides, they’re great not just for comfort or relaxation. Turns out that 15-person hot tubs have health benefits and improve the value of properties. Go to the configurator and customize the best tubs!

15-seater wooden hot tubs

Wild Tubs is an experienced manufacturer with many years of qualification and successful manufacture of large 15 person jacuzzi hot tubs for a wide range of private and business clients. We specialize in manufacture of custom-made hot tubs, meaning that we don’t hold a stock of products for sale. 15 people tubs are handmade, using carefully refined materials and implementing a lot of state-of-the-art technology in order to speed up the process and do everything with more precision.

15-people jacuzzi for sale

Our website has a convenient and user-friendly hot tub configuration tool. Using it, everyone can customize their own 15-people hot tub without too much difficulty. The tool offers step-by-step customization capabilities for almost every single aspect of the tub, beginning with the size, internal or external furnace, ending with additional accessories, electrical heating and so much more. Selecting the desired features is easy. Click on the button or the picture of the option which you like the most (if any) and have your 15 person tub supplemented with stairs that are bespoke, many LED lights, filtration system and much more. Have a nice space to relax in and to host gatherings. Large tubs can fit up to 15-people.

Fifteen -person large hot tubs

A small hot tub might be cheap to buy and easier to fit, but it won’t be capable of hosting more than a few people at a time. Going for the large round or rectangular tub is the right option if it’s going to be used by more than a handful of people. An 15-man and/or 15-woman tub seems like almost the perfect size for households, retreats or your own SPA zones.

A large, 6 to 15 (six to fifteen) person hot tub will have more than just a luxury vibe. Massage features can help relieve pain, reduce stress and tension and even stimulate cardiovascular activity, boosting the metabolism simultaneously. Thus, a large 15 person spa-like hot tub isn’t just a relax-only zone, it’s also a purchase which can contribute to your well-being.

15 person outdoor hot tubs prices

If you want to know the cost of your custom 15 person hot tub, the estimate is calculated throughout the customization and configuration process. At the top of the screen, while selecting the extras, you can see the total price of your tub (at its present configuration) as well as the prices of all individual accessories (e.g. wood-fired internal or external heaters, LED lights, etc.). Wooden classic hot tub prices bear a 1,050 € price tag, and they’re the units with the lowest base cost. Furthermore, keep in mind that most extras, like the electrically powered heater can increase the price of your 15-seater hot tub.

Buy a 15 person tub – making an order

Order your own new fiberglass, wooden or even plastic 15 seater hot tub with LED lighting, with an electric heater or other extras online. Just make an enquiry via our website or fill out the order sheet and confirm it. We’ll get back to you and arrange the production and shipment of your wood-burning and fire heated tub, capable of fitting up to 15 people.



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