2 Person Round Hot Tubs

  • Acrylic square hot tub with external heater 3,589.00

    A acrylic tub with an external stove provides more space inside. The private spa of a classic and luxurious design will fit perfectly in your courtyard and invite you to relax.


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    • Acrylic hot tub with external heater 2,720.00

      A acrylic tub with an external stove provides more space inside. The private spa of a classic and luxurious design will fit perfectly in your courtyard and invite you to relax.


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      • Acrylic hot tub with integrated heater 2,846.00

        This outdoor hot tub is our Flagship model. Its handmade, luxurious and elegant design will perfectly complement your yard, creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.


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        • Fiberglass Ofuro Oval Hot Tub 2,216.00

          Perfect hot tub for two person use. It has a compact size and will fit even the smallest spaces.


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          • Polypropylene Ofuro 2,405.00

            This is the smallest hot tub in our range. It is designed to be used by two people.

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            • Classic wooden tub from 2145€ 2,145.00

              The wooden tub is a product of classic look and design. This model is cheaper than fiberglass or plastic tubs therefore is suitable for those with a smaller budget.


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              Are you interested in unique, hand-made mini round hot tubs? Here at Wild Tubs, our clients have the complete freedom to fully customize almost every single aspect of their two-person round hot tubs or larger units. Made-to-order, bespoke, high-quality hot tubs are manufactured in house, using our refined technologies as well as hand-picked, top of the range materials. All hot tubs can be equipped with either wood-fired internal or external furnaces as well as a separate electric heater. Make the most of a small space by fitting a round hot tub for 2 to 4 people which you’ve configured individually. The configuration process is easy and the final product is extremely high quality!

              Two-person round wooden hot tubs

              Wild Tubs offers round 2-person hot tubs at reasonable prices. Everything is made exclusively to order, meaning that every customer can customize and spec their own hot tub from scratch. Small round hot tubs are not just space, but also money-savers. They cost less than their larger counterparts, so if you’re looking to stay within a certain budget, it might be the best option to pick a smaller round 2 to 3-person jacuzzi for the home.

              Round wooden hot tubs are the least costly option from our product range. As the cheap barrel/oval construction has a timeless and classy aesthetic appeal, it’s also equipped with every desirable technical feature that you decide to include during the configuration. This outdoor round 2 man spa tub is definitely the right thing to order if you want more comfort and luxury within your home.

              Round 2 to 3, 2 to 4-person SPA – a luxurious, custom-made hot tub

              Imagine being able to embrace yourself and your guests into high-quality spa procedures, all within the space of your home. Thanks to our custom-made round 2-person SPA hot tubs that is entirely possible. Get Started on the customization of your round 2-seater hot tubs on our website. Choose the appropriate size, add in extras like LED lights, massage function, have the tub with an electric heater or without it, and a lot more as well.

              Round 2-person jacuzzi for sale – how to order?

              If you wish to order and buy a round 2-person jacuzzi, you have to complete the configuration on our website. Since there aren’t any mass-produced hot tubs for sale on our site and everything is bespoke, made-to-order, after finishing the configuration, we contact the client directly and arrange the manufacturing. It usually takes us 2-3 weeks to manufacture a small luxury soft-sided round jacuzzi hot tub. We’ll try to arrange everything in the most convenient way possible.

              Small 2-seater hot tubs – what options are available?

              If you’re interested in smaller hot tubs which fit 2 people, you can choose the round classic wooden tub which has the most classic design and aesthetics. Next up are the round fiberglass hot tubs with either the external or integrated heater. And last but not least you can pick round polypropylene spas hot tubs with either wood-burning heaters and/or electric heaters. Our catalog allows you to quick view and add to the wishlist those products which you fancy the most. Besides, if you have any questions about the products, their specs or any features, please refer to our FAQ site or ask the questions directly by phone or email, or send us an enquiry.

              Round hot tub prices

              All of our products are made-to-order and entirely customizable. This means that your round tub’s exact price can differ, depending on the changes and additions you decide  to include. The base models have some items and features included, but if you want more massage options, that your round tub should come with LED lights, pick custom accessories with stairs and much more – the extra prices will be listed in the configuration window. Custom-made round tub prices for 2-4 people start from 1,050 €.



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