Hot Tub with Integrated Logs Heater

Wild Tubs can offer exclusive, highly customizable, made to order hot tubs with a built-in heater. If you’re interested in purchasing a unit that’s built with an integrated heater, pick either the timeless classic wooden tub, the modern and highly sophisticated-looking fiberglass tub or the flagship round polypropylene tub.

The tub with an internal heater is great for outdoor use, both for your alone relaxing time or even larger gatherings of friends, colleagues, etc. Our tubs are always made with a charming and genuine wooden cladding, providing a timeless appeal. Per request, we can also manufacture tubs with external heating, but there are many situations and circumstances where a hot tub with an integrated logs heater just works better and has the clear advantage.

In terms of configuration and customization, you should be aware of the fact that we don’t have any pre-built units for sale. Every unit is made per the request of our clients, ensuring maximum satisfaction and uniqueness of the products. You can configure your own ideal hot tub with LED lights and add in more jet stream nozzles to have mini-SPA-like massage features as well as much, much more. Configuration is plentiful, offering every client the possibility to change everything, beginning with stairs, and ending with electric heater and everything in between.

Benefits of an internal logs heater for your hot tub

Having an internal heater can heat the water up significantly faster than the external heater, because the source of the warmth if fully submerged, meaning that the heat is transferred directly to the water, avoiding significant heat loss. It’s also a bit safer, considering households and environments with pets as well as small children. If you’re comfortable with having slightly less seating room in exchange for quicker heating and a more ergonomic, compact design, go for the Wild Tubs hot tub with an internal log burner heater. 



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