Polypropylene Hot Tubs

Configure your own, perfect custom outdoor polypropylene hot tub with SPA features, LED lights, with electric heater and/or wood-fueled heating option. Wild Tubs has a wide product catalog that consists of many different hot tub options, including wood paneled (cladded) hot tubs with polypropylene lined tub inside. It’s the best of both worlds, combining modern day ergonomics and comfort with the natural aesthetic appeal that’s visible from the outside. We produce made-to-order tubs, meaning that every customer has a chance to create something exclusive, unique and one of a kind. The polypropylene hot tub liner is made from high-quality polymer (e.g. plastic), meaning that you can also describe these products as plastic (polypropylene) hot tubs. We’ve decided to mention this in order to avoid common confusion that these products are different.

Plastic Hot Tubs

As a safe, modern and convenient SPA-at-home option, a polypropylene hot tub may be a great addition in your garden, backyard or other recreational space. Here at Wild Tubs, we have been servicing both private and commercial clients by producing their customized hot tubs for many years. Why is plastic used? Well, mostly because they’re very durable, have great resistance to moisture and are quite reasonably priced, compared to some other materials frequently used in making of bathtubs. Furthermore, when combined with our experience and technological know-how, plastic hot tubs offer a nice spot to relax or gather in, being capable of hosting up to 10-11 people.

Configurable Polypropylene Hot Tubs For sale

One of the main advantages of our service is the possibility to configure your own round or rectangular plastic jacuzzi tub from scratch. Both the rectangular and round tubs are available as separate products and you can select the preferred option for your house, SPA center, garden, etc.

Configuration and making your own custom hot tub with a polypropylene liner is very straightforward and simple. Begin by selecting the size, add in any extras, ranging from whether you want to have a wood-fired heating method (external and/or internal) or opt for an electric heater. Add in extra SPA features like LED lights, air bubble massage and/or hydro massage features on-demand. See how much everything costs and complete the order whenever you’re satisfied with the current spec list.

Outdoor jacuzzi with polypropylene liner

A lot of the time, people will compare the polypropylene liner with other sorts of materials, used for hot tubs. In this case, we’d like to point out many unique and very useful pros and great features that a jacuzzi with a hard plastic lining could offer, especially when compared with other materials.

First off is the variety of overall tub shapes. The classic wooden tub is only round, while with the polypropylene lining, we can manufacture both round and rectangular variants. This is a material that’s corrosion-resistant, meaning that you can enjoy the nice aesthetics and the fresh look of your tub for a while. The tub is lightweight, meaning that it will and should be easier to assemble as well as move, if the need arises. Polypropylene is affected by time and the change of seasons much less harshly than wood or some other elements, meaning that your custom electric or wood-burning-powered tub should last for many seasons to come.

Finally, there’s the added efficiency which means that when you use the lid (included with the standard tub), the heat from the water won’t evaporate so quickly. This will result in a quicker, more efficient water heating, time and money-saving as well. Customize your own electrically or fire-heated hot tub with a plastic liner for a great price.

Reasons to get a hot tub

It’s an excellent place to relax in. Just submerging your body in warm water and enjoying a soak or utilizing the SPA-grade massage functions will help ease stress, relieve some pain and feel better both psychologically and physically. There are also scientifically proven benefits to your muscles, cardiovascular health and a variety of other body parts.

Furthermore, besides the obvious benefits to your body, there are a lot of social pros as well. A hot tub can be a centerpiece during a party or a huge upside to people who are looking to rent a party or recreational venue for their personal, corporate parties, etc. It’s just a nice place to be in, plus, it can also increase the perceived value of real estate, making it seem more luxurious and comfortable.

FAQ about polypropylene hot tubs

Is it better than a wood hot tub?

Stating that one unit is better than the other would be very unprofessional. Both of them have unique pros and advantages over one another. For example, the wooden hot tub is cheap, when comparing base models against one another. However, the plastic tub should be even more long-lasting, than the already durable wooden tub. Besides, you can have a bit more SPA accessories with the plastic tub.

How much does it cost?

Please keep in mind that Wild Tubs doesn’t offer any products for sale. We only make tubs per request. Thus, the prices for the standard round polypropylene hot tub start from 1,800€, and from 2,450€ for rectangular plastic hot tubs. Extras are not included in this price.

How much electricity will the electric heater consume?

To begin with, yes, burning wood can be significantly cheaper than heating the water with the help of the electric stove. However, it’s much slower and requires much more attention to the whole process. In terms of electric consumption, just multiply the maximum power output (kW) by the time it takes for the water to heat up (h). For example, you need to leave the 6kW electric heater on for 2 hours, which means that 12 kWh of electricity would be consumed.

Is there a difference between Air Bubble and Hydro massages?

Yes, the Air Bubble massage nozzles (jets) will blow a concentrated air stream whilst the Hydro massage jets take water from the tub itself and spray a concentrated stream of water. Thus, you can massage and relax using two different methods.

How to care for and maintain a plastic hot tub?

Care and maintenance are minimal. Don’t forget to re-varnish the wooden exterior (e.g. the carcass with stairs), to protect it from sunlight, rain, etc. Also, don’t use the same water for too long and install a filtration system, if possible. 



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