Hot Tubs with External Heater

Keen on adding extra comfort to your outdoor space? Were you aware of the fact that merely being in a hot tub can not just improve your mood but also has health benefits? With that being said, we’d like to introduce made-to-order, high-quality wood-fired hot tubs with external heaters. You can take any one of the base models and configure them individually, using our user-friendly and super intuitive configurator tool. As an experienced manufacturer, we can change the aesthetics and manufacture as well as install neat technical innovations as well as useful comfort features like water jets for massage, etc.

Just pick the base product from our catalog and configure it from scratch. Please keep in mind that we don’t keep stock for sale. Everything is made individually, per request, to retain the highest quality of work and consistency throughout the model range. In terms of configuration, the user isn’t limited to any particular options. Your tub with an external heater can come with custom stairs, with LED lights, SPA accessories, a water filter, other comfort extras as well as with an electric heater that can act as a standalone and/or supplementary heat source for the water in the tub.

Benefits of the external heater for your hot tub

Why should you consider a hot tub with an external heater? Well, to begin with, such a heater is great for the ergonomics of the tub, because it means more space within the tub is used, allowing it to house more people since there isn’t a large outlet or stove underneath you. A wood fired hot tub with an external heater will also be much easier to clean. The furnace can be accessed from the outside, making cleaning straightforward, more manageable and simpler. Furthermore, the high-class wooden cladding, along with the stainless-steel heater outdoors, should definitely have that rustic, classic and very unique look that’s easily distinguishable.



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