Large Wooden Hot Tubs

  • Polypropylene Ofuro 2,405.00

    This is the smallest hot tub in our range. It is designed to be used by two people.

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    • Classic wooden tub from 2145€ 2,145.00

      The wooden tub is a product of classic look and design. This model is cheaper than fiberglass or plastic tubs therefore is suitable for those with a smaller budget.


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      Configure your own ideal extra-large wooden hot tub on Wild Tubs. We have a few different, entirely configurable large wooden hot tubs for sale. We only sell made-to-order units, which means that you can design and create something truly one-of-a-kind. Using the convenient configurator tool, get started on your big 8 or even 12-person jacuzzi wooden hot tub order right now. The configuration is free of charge and commitment. If you like the final specs, send us the complete configuration by just clicking a button and we’ll get back to you with the details on production, delivery, and costs.

      Large wooden hot tubs are an excellent addition to your outdoor space. They are great for parties, gatherings, social events, or just casual relaxation for you alone, family, friends. Arguably the best thing about Wild Tubs’ production is that you can actually choose how large you wish the wooden tub to be. Depending on the exact base, you can pick from 1600mm in diameter, all the way upwards of 2200mm in diameter, capable of comfortably fitting a 10-person party. Our wooden tubs are either round or rectangular.

      Large wooden hot tubs for sale

      Entirely configurable, vastly different, and each one unique in its own way. These would be the best terms to describe the unique base models of Wild Tubs. If you’re looking for large wooden hot tubs, you came to the right place as we have many years of experience producing custom and bespoke wooden tubs at the request of our customers.

      You can choose the classic wooden hot tub with external or internal heating. Choosing a massive jacuzzi wooden hot tub requires allocating enough space for it to fit. We can deliver the tub assembled or as parts. In the latter option, you could have a fun DIY project. In terms of other questions and concerns, check out our FAQ page or contact us directly if you weren’t able to find enough information about the very large wooden hot tubs, our policies, etc.

      Large wooden jacuzzi/spas with wood-fired heaters

      Most of our clients choose to equip their wooden hot tubs with wood-fired heaters. They are the cheaper and most widespread option for heating the tub. Besides, our 316 AISI stainless steel heaters are very corrosion-resistant as well as being tremendously well-engineered, ensuring minimum heat loss and maximum heating efficiency. The tube and piping can be integrated into the wooden tub or placed externally. With most units, you have a choice of which furnace to go for. However, some units can already be pre-developed around a particular heating method, meaning you can only add a supplementary electrically powered heater. With an electric heater, the water can warm up quicker, but it does mean larger energy consumption, especially with a giant wooden jacuzzi SPA on your hands.

      Custom-made, extra-large wooden jacuzzi hot tubs

      Add in unique comfort features to turn oversize wooden hot tubs into full-fledged mini SPAS with exclusive air and hydro massage features, with LED lights, and many more. For example, you can also pick the accessories to come with the wooden tub with the stairs and almost everything else. So, what are you waiting for? Get your wood-burning and/or electrically heated large and custom-made wooden hot tub at great prices from Wild Tubs!



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