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Keen on adding some luxury and elegance to your home or backyard? Maybe you’re always wanted a place to relax or to have guests gather during get-togethers? Regardless of your goals and aims, we may have the very best solution for you. Introducing – custom made wooden hot tubs. Wild Tubs has been producing bespoke and made-to-order hot tubs for many years now. Over time, we’ve become one of the market leaders in production of both ergonomic (e.g. small) and luxurious/spacious (e.g. large) wooden hot tubs/jacuzzi tubs.

So, if you’re looking to set up a custom and unique wooden SPA within the premises of your backyard and/or garden, you’ve come to the right place. Pick the classic tub design and customize it to great lengths in order to create your own, individual and unique wooden hot tub with just the right accessories. Add the product to your wishlist to get back to it later, read the detailed description, look at HQ photos and an informative presentational video to see how the classic tub would look in real life. Once you complete the configuration, fill out the form and get in touch. We’ll arrange the details and get to work building your custom natural wood and also wood-fired hot tub!

Wooden jacuzzi from Wild Tubs (UK) – a great choice

Instead of settling for a mass-produced unit that could lead to making compromises in one or more areas, customize your own wooden jacuzzi from the ground up. Make it truly yours by adding accessories, selecting the paneling and customizing your own, perfect wood-fired and/or electrically heated 4-12 person wooden hot tub today in UK!

Wooden hot tubs for sale – configure your own

Configuration and individualization are the cornerstones of Wild Tubs’ customer experience. We are striving to allow each and every one of our clients to make something truly theirs. Instead of settling for a tub that’s too big, too small, without the right SPA features or lacking in accessories and pizzazz, we allow the customer to make the decision. We offer a wide range of different options and accessories with each one of our wooden hot tubs.

Clients can easily begin to customize the product, beginning with the size of the tub, moving on to the stairs or ladder, used to climb in, as well as the features and appearance of the overall hot tub or minuscule details. We are experienced in the line of manufacturing high-quality tubs which combine a timeless visual charm with the pleasures and comforts of modern-day technology. We do the construction in-house, meaning that the materials and technologies used are hand-picked, refined and adapted to suit the ever-changing needs of our global customer base.

The custom hot tub configurator tool is very user-friendly. It’s designed to aid every customer in finding the perfect and most balanced setup for their hot tub. All of the available options will be presented sequentially. Beginning with the size of the tub, you will be able to see the wide array of available extras, their cost and relevant information. Afterwards, the clients can generate a full summary of their order, view the total cost (also visible throughout the configuration process) and send the summary to us. Once our team receives it, we’ll get back to you ASAP in order to finalize the details and arrange the production as well as delivery.

Small wooden hot tubs – convenience & comfort – all in one

For a small backyard and/or garden, the smaller 4-person wooden hot tub of 1600mm in diameter might be one of the best units around. Whether you’re limited on space or just are looking for a smaller, more compact tub which wouldn’t occupy too much space and would blend in nicely with the rest of your exterior design. Keep in mind that all wooden hot tubs for sale at Wild Tubs are made-to-order, meaning that you will configure your own unit from scratch.

In the configurator part of the website, you will be able to select the size (diameter in millimeters) of your tub. The wooden hot tubs come in four different sizes. The two on the smaller end of the scale are 1600 and 1800 millimeters. They’re good for up to 5 and 7 people respectively. If you’re keen on knowing more about the best size of hot tub for your particular situation, you can get in touch with us by filling out a customized order and writing the questions or by contacting us directly. Our team will definitely help you out in picking the most optimal small size of the wooden jacuzzi. We’re always trying to find the most optimal and beneficial solution for our customers, thus, after hearing you out, we might recommend looking at a large size of the hot tub as well.

Large wooden SPAS – for solo relaxation or parties

In case you’re looking for something more luxurious or have much more space, you can consider a large wooden hot tub. We can make a wooden spas from wood all the way up to 2200mm in diameter. This size is enough for up to 11 people, so a larger wooden jacuzzi might be an excellent choice not only for private, but also recreational properties and/or event venues.

Our tubs can be customized and combined with luxury SPA features. If you’d like, we can install an air bubble massage as well as hydro massage modules so the people in the tub can not only soak and relax, but also release some tension or just enjoy the wonders of underwater massage. All wooden spas can also come equipped with LED lights. Even though LED lights are included with one of our massage features, you can add more of them separately (at an extra cost), to help the tub create a more unique atmosphere once people are in and/or around it.

The size of the wooden spa can be selected in the configurator. Once you’re happy with your choice (as well as have added the rest of extras), proceed to the final step and look over the summary of your order. Send the final configuration table to us, and our team will get back to you with a concrete plan for production. Once all the details will be agreed upon, production will commence.

Features & Specs of the wooden hot tub

From an aesthetic standpoint, this wooden tub has a very neutral and classic look. The wooden paneling makes it very pleasing to the eye and helps it blend with almost any kind of environment. It looks excellent next to rural surroundings or around nature’s embrace, but also fits in cityscape as well as urban settings.

If you prefer something more natural and want a more authentic feel in your garden or backyard, you should definitely have a thorough look at our round wooden hot tubs. The barrel shape combines ergonomics with flawless design to make this tub as spacious, as possible whilst retaining the natural look, common to retreats and natural SPA’s, that a lot of people really like.

From a financial standpoint, the wooden tub is also a great option because it comes in as a relatively cheap option, with entry-level units costing up to three times less, compared to entry level options of other tubs. This means that you can buy a spacious 2-person, 4-person or even 7-person outdoor hot tub with natural appeal and a timeless charm.

Specs are mostly customizable and we allow all sorts of combinations for your tub configurations.

To begin with, you can select these sizes: 1600, 1800, 2000 and 2200mm in diameter. The size difference is close to 40%, meaning that there’s significant room for alterations, and you can definitely find an appropriately sized small or huge hot tub which will be ready to host gatherings or just be your own personal space for relaxation or go for the best large-sized option, more suited for recreational places, SPA’s or your own party zone.

The next spec is the heating method. You can go for the integrated 316 AISI Stainless steel heater or 316 AISI external heater. The category 316 AISI means that the amount of carbon in the metal alloy will be significantly larger than most other alloys, ensuring that the metal parts of your heating system would be much more resistant to corrosion and rust. It’s a must-have feature, otherwise, the constant contact with water, moisture and condensation would just be a hotspot for corrosion, damaging the aesthetics and functionality of your tub almost instantly. The internal heater costs a little bit less than the external unit but you can also opt for no heater at all.

In terms of wood panel options, there are two different solutions. You can get the spruce paneling at absolutely no extra cost. Spruce is chosen because it has excellent drying properties, so it’s one of the best sorts of wood to use near water as soaking up moisture is not a huge obstacle. The spruce is also quite durable, being one of the more sought-after choices for making furniture or wooden accessories. It’s also quite aesthetically pleasing as it has a circular pattern of annual rings which is very clear and profound. The other option for wood panels is thermowood. It’s a unique sort of timber that has (as the name suggests), great thermal properties, allowing to keep the heat inside of the tub and not letting it escape (which is a huge downside in terms of heating efficiency with regular wood). Thermowood is often used for cladding and in other outdoor applications. It’s especially great when dealing with moisture and wetness as it’s also resistant to mold and very durable too. Thermowood paneling comes at an extra cost.

In terms of choosing the stairs, the options are pretty self-explanatory. Wooden hot tubs can come with stairs of two different types. They’re all made from high-quality, quite water-resistant wood and either have 2 or 3 steps. There are two types of ladders as well. One is a straightforward three-step ladder (no extra cost) and the other has to steps but has much wider base for more stability.

SPA procedure and accessory list includes the Air Bubble massage (hydro massage is available with other tub types), LED lights, sand filtering system with a wooden box. Furthermore, you can add in other accessories to protect or make it easier to do maintenance work. If you wish, your hot tub can come equipped with electric heater. The electrically powered heater makes it quicker and easier to heat up water in the tub and also maintaining the right temperature for longer. Burning wood in the internal or external heater is much cheaper, but electricity heats up quicker. Select the desired electric heater (from 3 to 12kW at an extra cost).

Shipping, Delivery info & Placing an Order

We’ll describe the ordering procedure to make everything much clearer for you.

After you’ve successfully configured your tub, in the final part of the configurator, enter in your email address and phone number. Leave an additional message if you have some questions, desires, wants or concerns you wish to express. Once the inquiry is sent, at the soonest possible time, our team will have a look into it. They’ll get back to you at the soonest possible time and will discuss any final details, answer questions or address concerns.

To make the order as simple as possible, we allow the customer to freely, at their convenience, configure the tub step by step. Once they’re happy with the configuration of their square/rectangular or in this case, round wooden hot tub, we begin reviewing documents and drafting up the right forms for the order. If everything’s acceptable for both parties, we send out the preliminary invoice and a contract which will protect both parties and ensure everything goes smoothly. Then, an advance payment is required. We accept various kinds of payment and will find a convenient method for you.

Depending on the size of your tub and the extra features and accessories you’ve selected (e.g. internally and/or electrically heated, LED lights, etc.), the production time could vary between 2 and 4 weeks total. Finally, the product is photographed after production to inquire whether the customer desires to carry out any kinds of alteration or modification to the hot tub. If yes, they are carried out immediately, if no, the payment is finalized and the hot tub is shipped. We will find a convenient delivery method and can ship the tub assembled or as parts if you’d like a DIY project!

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