Small Round Hot Tubs

One of the classic and timeless design choices for a small tub – circular shape is arguably the most ergonomic, well-received, and most sought after, the round silhouette is something a lot of buyers appreciate and like. Wild Tubs can make your own, individualized and custom small round hot tubs. Choose the model, pick the best size, add in extra SPA features, LED lights as well as many other accessories to make your own, perfect and enjoyable circle 2-person, 4-person, 5-person. 6-person small hot tub jacuzzi.

Our circular units have wooden cladding but can have inserts from either wood, fiberglass, or plastic. Everything is done to order, we don’t have stock for sale, meaning that each of our clients gets the very best and most unique small tubs delivered. We allow for almost limitless customization and the addition of SPA, functional as well as different features. Keep in mind, that we also make small rectangular or square tubs.

Small circle hot tubs for sale

Here at Wild Tubs, we are dedicated to in-house building of high-quality, exquisitely tailored, and top-of-the-range wood-fired and/or electrically-powered small hot tubs for our clients. They’re unique, built in-house, using carefully refined materials and time-tested technology. The circular shape models are amongst our best-sellers and flagman units. Buying a small round wooden hot tub can be a great addition to your garden, backyard, patio, or other areas. The circle-shaped small tubs can accommodate anywhere from 2-4 people.

Small spa, Jacuzzi with LED lights and other accessories

In terms of customization and accessories, the options for our customers are plentiful. The configuration is done using our user-friendly integrated tool. It’s tailored to make the process as simple and as straightforward, as possible. Begin configuring your small tub by selecting the appropriate round wooden, fiberglass or plastic hot tub.

Then, select the size of your small tub. After that, pick the heating method (external or internal). If you wish to have your small hot tub jacuzzi with an electric heater, you can add it later. Some small tubs come standard with a ladder, others – with stairs. However, you can pick one of a few options for a convenient climb or getting into the tub. Finally, pick the SPA accessories which include massage jets, filtering systems, and much more. Have your small and ergonomic 4-person hot tub with LED lighting to fully meet your expectations.

Great prices for small round hot tubs

Every item is unique and fully configurable. This means that you can get a cheap small wooden classic tub without too many extras, or configure a luxurious fiberglass tub with an internal heater as well as numerous different extras. Keep in mind that wood-burning heaters can cost extra.

After production, we will send you the photos of your finished small hot tub. If you wish to make any final alterations, let us know and Wild Tubs’ team will carry them out. Otherwise, we’ll finalize the payment and ship out the hot tub jacuzzi directly to you!



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