Small Wooden Hot Tubs

  • Fiberglass Ofuro Oval Hot Tub 2,216.00

    Perfect hot tub for two person use. It has a compact size and will fit even the smallest spaces.


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    • Polypropylene Ofuro 2,405.00

      This is the smallest hot tub in our range. It is designed to be used by two people.

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      • Classic wooden tub from 2145€ 2,145.00

        The wooden tub is a product of classic look and design. This model is cheaper than fiberglass or plastic tubs therefore is suitable for those with a smaller budget.


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        Are you looking for a custom, ergonomic, and compact 2 to 4-person small wooden hot tubs? You’ve come to the right place as Wild Tubs has many years of experience in manufacturing made-to-order, compact jacuzzi wooden hot tubs. As an experienced and reputable brand in the field, we’re dedicated to keeping the highest level of craftsmanship throughout our product range. Materials are carefully picked, technologies are refined and tested before implementation. Such an approach allows us to make top-notch small wooden hot tubs with numerous luxurious features.

        Since everything is made to order, you won’t find small wooden hot tubs for sale per se. What you can find, however, is a high-class service and a very user-friendly configuration tool where you can customize two-person mini jacuzzi spas with almost limitless options. Ergonomic and compact wooden hot tubs are affordable and can be placed in numerous locations like your garden, backyard, patio, or other, without too much trouble. Send us an enquiry through our website or ask questions directly by phone. We’re always glad to consult, answer questions, address concerns or clarify directly if you were not able to find the answers on our FAQ page.   

        Small wooden hot tubs for sale

        In terms of small outdoor hot tubs, you can pick the round wooden classic tub. It stands above ground and it`s circular shape makes this particular tub very easy to fit and great even for small spaces. If you fancy or are considering a rectangular hot tub, keep in mind that due to the physics of the shape, it’s going to be larger and much less compact. Thus, for solo use or for buyers where not a lot of people will be using the wooden tub (e.g. when a 2-person, 3-person or 4-person model is enough), a circular shape is much better. It’s cheap to buy, compared to the larger units and you’ll spend less time and money trying to heat up the water, do maintenance, clean it, etc.

        Tiny wooden jacuzzi/spa in your outdoor space

        The wooden hot tub is best for rustic and authentic environments. It has that timeless home-like charm. Made from high-quality timber, your tiny one-person or up to 4-seater wooden jacuzzi tub can blend in urban environments too, but feels best when surrounded by nature’s embrace.

        Outdoor small wooden hot tubs – cheap and bespoke

        Naturally, the prices of our products can vastly differ. The cost of base units is always fixed, but the final price is impacted by the number of options and accessories you wish to include. Some people might want LED lights and air bubble massage whilst others may only need an electric heater and nothing else. Keep in mind that usually, wood-burning external or internal heaters cost extra. The same applies to electrically powered heating elements.

        So, what are you waiting for? Get started on the configuration and get your heated wooden hot tub right now!



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