Rectangular Hot Tubs

The largest and one of the most exquisite units in our model range, the rectangle-shaped polypropylene hot tub is great for your own relaxation but also very excellent to have during parties and gatherings. Have you and your guests relaxing whilst submerged in warm water. The rectangular hot tubs have wooden cladding and a durable, waterproof as well as quality polypropylene insert. This particular square and/or rectangular jacuzzi hot tub has one of the most luxurious and elegant appeal when compared to the rest of our product range.

The best part is, you can configure it the way you like it. Have it with an electric heater for quicker water warm-up, install LED lights for a moody and fun party atmosphere, have jet streams of air and water for massages, found only at SPAs, and get your tub totally customized.

Rectangular hot tubs for sale

We will make a custom hot tub for you. Configure it on our website, using the customization tool. There are no mass-produced units for sale as every single tub is bespoke and made-to-order only. As it concerns the rectangular tubs, there are quite a lot of variations and options which you can add and change on demand. Everything is configured through the dedicated tool on our website. It’s user-friendly and very intuitive, meaning that you don’t need to spend loads of time trying to configure the perfect tub.

Jacuzzi/spa right at your home – rectangular Wild Tubs

After customization and the final configuration, whenever you’re satisfied with the final specs, send them to us with the click of a button. After reviewing your order, we will get back to you to discuss the final details and arrange the manufacturing of your wood-heated and/or electrically-powered rectangular bespoke polypropylene hot tub. Even the small units are quite spacious, being able to house 4-person or even 6-person parties. During the configuration, you’ll be prompted with the option to select the most appropriate size of the tub. Choose wisely as a larger tub will have higher energy consumption whilst a smaller tub might not be able to fit everyone inside.

Order your own wood-fired rectangular hot tub

From the extras and accessories point of view, you have a lot to think about and choose from. First off – have your tub with steps or with stairs. There are four options in total, all very different. In the section of comfort and SPA features, add in massage jets with LED lights or include a dedicated filtration system for maximum comfort. Click on the product which you like, begin configuration and make your ideal rectangular hot tub for the outdoor space next to your home or property!



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